The only complete system to see in heavily turbid, zero visibility conditions.

Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD)

Inspections – Ships/Hulls/Oil Rigs/Infrastructures

Welding/Construction and Inspections in ZERO Vis Conditions

Clear Identification in ZERO Vis Conditions

The new DVR-2 Semi-Custom design or Drop-In Replacement

High-end DVR GUI interface via mouse, buttons, or keyboard

DVR–1215 Digital Video Recorder

The new DVR-1215, 2-channel 15”  captures 5 different video formats – legacy current, and future in high definition, records in .mp4, and outputs in high def.  A complete DVR that is the cornerstone of a new semi-custome designed system or a legacy drop-in replacement.  Also available in a 3-channel version and a soon-to-be 2/3/4-channel rack-mount version.

Underwater Video Systems and Solutions for Clear AND Zero Visibility Environments

DVR-2 Video System

Build/Rebuild your video system around the DVR-1215 Digital Video Recorder

The Clearview System™

The Clearview System™ II provides the underwater contractor with system capability that allows for the supervisor on the surface to see/analyze/inspect while the diver operates the MudChaser™.

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