The Clearview SystemTM II Overview

The Clearview SystemTM I Overview



Supporting the commercial diver in turbid, silty, muddy, and hazardous working conditions, the Clearview System™ is a complete, turnkey, system that allows divers to see through, work, and communicate in black water conditions. It is an integration of audio and video capture/display/ distribution, text overlay narration, bi-directional digital voice communications between diver and the surface crew, and bi-directional system control. With the optional helmet/mask display and two grey/black water penetration techniques, the dive crew can now select the technique best suited for the current dive conditions, and be able to see regardless of the turbidity conditions!

Key Functions:

  • A fully integrated, turnkey system that permits and provides real-time visual underwater inspection in all zero visibility water conditions allowing both the Diver and Operator to see, inspect, record, and annotate in real-time; saves time, cost and results in better value for customer.
  • 2 techniques for penetrating black water – 1) Blackwater’s patented heavy turbidity displacing MudChaser™/Scrubber combo and 2) LYYN’s image/video enhancement which works well in light turbidity conditions.
  • With the optional Diver Display, both the Diver and the Operator will be able to analyze and inspect quickly and efficiently, ensuring high quality video imagery, speeding the inspection process, without guess-work.
  • Event annotation using Blackwater’s custom software, ScreenScribe™ – what you see is what you record.
  • Extensive DVR recording capacity (30+ hours storage on a 64GB SSD) and file management.
  • Bi-directional, real-time digital communications and system control: voice, and data exchanges, and diver system control, text overlay info on the Diver’s display, such as depth, compass heading, and system functions, etc.
  • Compatible with both 2- or 4-wire helmet communications systems.
  • Additional features such as, lighting control, video capture playback/review capability, auxiliary entertainment input, system configuration via software control, and much more.

Advantages and Benefits




  • Cost- effective, dual-purpose system – CLEAR and BLACK water conditions.
  • Completely integrated, turnkey system.
  • Project time/cost savings and efficiencies over yesterday’s technology.
  • Improved clarity in the delivered product quality to your Customer.
  • Enhanced Diver safety, information, situational awareness.

Integrated System


BWV bring to the commercial Diver and Contractor a fully integrated, turnkey, software configurable, easy-to-use system working just as well in either CLEAR or Turbid water conditions, integrating video capture/annotation, communications, Command/Control, and lighting while giving the Diver the ability to see/inspect via the helmet-mounted display.



For the budget-minded and forward-thinker, the basic clear water video system is expandable to meet the requirements if the commercial contractor incorporating selectable hot-mic or PTT voice communications, integrated DVR, lighting control, event annotation with text overlay, with provisions for helmet or mask-mounted display, and provisions for two black water penetrating techniques.

Two BW Options

Select Technique

Using either/both black water options, the real-time video image enhancement (LYYN™) and/or the MudChaser™/ Scrubber™ combo, the Contractor now has the option to select the technique that best meets the job requirements.

Diver Display

Info at all Times

With the helmet/mask- mounted display, the Diver now has the capabilities previously unavailable:

  • Increased safety through improved situational awareness.
  • Now has the ability to see what the MudChaser™ sees regardless of the turbidity conditions.
  • Immediate information and data about the system without having to take eyes off the target.

Video/Comm System

The Video System

The Video System

The Video/Comm System is a complete, self-contained system that allows for hi-resolution, color video capture to a DVR and SSD (USB2.0), clear, full-duplex (bi-directional) digital audio communications, on-site lighting control, standard video format outputs, and on-screen text narration/overlay for complete event capture. It is the basis upon which the MudChaser(tm, Scrubber, and Diver’s Display are added allowing both the diver and the support team to communicate with, immediately see, and directly record what the diver is “shooting” with the MudChaser™. While talking to the diver, the VCU is continuously exchanging data and information with the diver’s Diver Control Unit.


  • Commercial Video Diving inspection applications
  • Supports the MudChaser™ in black/turbid water diving conditions

Top Level Features

  • The system provides a unified, complete, turnkey and easy-to-use, color video capture tool for use in either clear or the basis for turbid/black water conditions.
  • Includes Video/Comms Unit(VCU), Diver Control Unit(DCU), reeled dive cable, a hi-intensity LED dive lamp, long focal length color camera, and a full-face mask and integrated comm’s system, ScreenScribe™, headphones, and cables.
  • The integrated DVR captures over 30hrs of video/audio on a 64GB SSD output in mp4 format.
  • On-screen text (TOS) annotation of the event via ScreenScribe™.
  • Real-time, digital voice (hot mic or PPT software configurable), 2- or 4-wire helmet/mask comm’s compatible, and messaging communications.
  • System function control from either console or diver locations.
  • Lighting control.
  • Includes ScreenScribe™, the Window’s-based, event text formatting and system programming software.
  • Self-contained, trans-portable console may be powered by either 120Vac/60Hz or 240Vac/50Hz electrical sources, allowing power option flexibility.

Video/Comm System >>>

Helmet/Mask Display 


Fully integrated with the Diver Control Unit, the Helmet/Mask-Mounted Display is a ruggedized, high resolution monochrome display allowing the Diver to see what the MudChaser™ sees.

Currently, the display can be attached to either a helmet (Kirby Morgan 27/37/57) or the Interspiro/AGA full-face mask. The display bracket has 4 adjustments providing for a full range of viewing angles.

Typically, the display is angled down, allowing the diver’s view to be unobstructed while in-transit. Once on site, he can easily see the display. The video feed from the camera is transmitted directly to both the VCU on the surface and the div

Mounted on an Interspiro

er’s display.

Helmet/Mask Display >>>

The MudChaser™ 

At the heart of the Clearview System™ is Blackwater Vision’s patented turbid, black water displacement hand-held device, the MudChaser™. With its integrated color camera and LED lighting, spectacular and vivid color imagery is transmitted back to the console operator and to the diver. Using a proprietary technique, the weightless MC106 efficiently displaces the turbid water conditions up to 15” (beyond arm’s reach), allowing the diver and Supervisor to view, inspect, and even weld the target area up close and personal!

MudChaser™ >>>CVS2 - 1592 - MC Rear Left View L

The Scrubber™ Pumping/Filtration System

Top Level Features

  • A multi-stage mobile, filtration, (pre-screen filter included), and pumping system, (electrical power source required) creating crystal clear water at high volume.
  • Water pumping components are commercial-grade, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
  • 100-micron particle separator with a manual purge valve for cost-effective operations and continuous heavy dirt removal/purging.
  • Base configuration includes a single-phase, 1.5 hp, 120/240Vac pump, as shown, will support a hose combination of 1-1/4 and 1 inch lengths of up to 200 feet while delivering up to 25gpm. A single 100ftx1.25” hose will deliver up to 30gpm.
  • Mounted on the mobile Handi-Cart, the system transports, sets up, and breaks down for quick, easy transport and operation.

CVS2 - 1536 - Scbr Left View XLCVS2 - 1544 - HC Left View L