The Clearview SystemTM II

The Clearview SystemTM II Overview


The Clearview System™ II provides the underwater contractor with system capability that allows for the supervisor on the surface to see/analyze/inspect while the diver operates the MudChaser™.  With the basic baseline system, you’ll penetrate the turbid, zero visibility water conditions and get a clear picture of the situation.    The flexibility of the system allows this system to be easily integrated into the contractor’s system, providing a cost-effective, unmatched solution for those impossible visibility jobs. Additional system Enhancements add significant capability make a truly extraordinary system with incredible results. The Sport version has the Scrubber™ and hose rack mounted on carts for ease-of-mobility while keeping costs to a minimum. The Pro version mounts the Scrubber™ and hose rack on skids to meet the rigors and requirements of off-shore projects. The redesigned Clearview System™ II addresses the industry needs for a modular, lower-cost, simple, and safe-for-the-diver system, while continuing the same superior zero visibility performance of the original Clearview System™ I.

Key Baseline Features

  • The basic baseline Sport Clearview System includes the MC106 MudChaser™,  200ft of hose and cable, a cranable hose rack, and the Video Breakout Box for simple video monitoring and distribution.  The Video Breakout Box can be replaced by the DVR-1215 for recording.
  • The simple Video Breakout Box provides power to the MudChaser™ camera and electronics, provides lighting power, receives and distributes video to three BNC connectors
  • The hose cart will hold up to 300ft of hose and the cart-mounted 1hp booster pump will handle up to 300ft of hose
  • The electronics package, mounted on the MudChaser™ includes the connector for the optional Diver Display and optional helmet-mounted camera.
  • The standard umbilical cable incorporates power to the MudChaser™, video return, and 4-wire comm’s wiring. 4-wire audio pass-thru could be incorporated into the VBB allowing the contractor’s helmet and comm’s box to be used.  Refer to the DVR-2 Video System for more info.
  • Safety First – All electrical connections are to the MudChaser™. A simple tug to disconnect the helmet-mounted Diver Display from the MudChaser™ and the diver is free.  If a magnetic lanyard is used to retain the MudChaser™, release and again, the diver is free.

System Enhancements Available

The Scrubber™ – Takes in dirty, turbid water (non-biohazard) and removes 99.99% of the particulate matter to make clear water at up to 30gpm thru a 4-stage process. Diver Display – Allows the diver to see the same video stream that the Supervisor sees and both can see, analyze, and inspect far more efficiently. DVR-2/DVR-1215 – A 2-channel, 15″ 1024×768 display digital video recorder and playback system that also includes both audio and video connectors can be used for general purpose use. The built-in Solid State Drive will record well over 60hrs of .mp4 video. Clearview System™ Baseline Assumptions

  1. A source of clear is available and provided by the contractor. The booster pump on the hose cart will pump this clear water down to the MudChaser™.  If clear water is not available, then the Scrubber™ can be attached as a system enhancement.
  2. The contractor already has comm’s to the diver. However, this umbilical also includes 4 comm wires, should the customer decide to integrate the two cables. Ask about the optional pass-thru capability.
  3. The contractor already has a pre-existing video record system. If not, the DVR-2 Video System is available.

The MudChaser™ 

At the heart of the Clearview System™ is Blackwater Vision’s patented turbid, black water displacement hand-held device, the MudChaser™. With its integrated color camera and LED lighting, spectacular and vivid color imagery is transmitted back to the console operator and to the diver. Using a proprietary technique, the weightless MC106 efficiently displaces the turbid water conditions up to 15” (beyond arm’s reach), allowing the diver to view, inspect, and weld the target area up close and personal!


  • Handheld 6” diameter MudChaser™ with comfortable pistol grip allows the Diver and Tender/Supervisor to see, inspect, and work clearly in the most turbid water conditions.CVS2 - 1592 - MC Rear Left View L
  • Using a low-tech, highly reliable technique, the muddy, turbid water is displaced, allowing for easy single-handed operation.
  • Integrated composite video, color camera.
  • Integrated surround Hi-Intensity 20-LED light ring.
  • Neutrally buoyant in water adds no additional work fatigue on the diver.
  • Standard unit Includes a connector port to connect the optional Diver Display.
  • Integrated Video Switch Unit (VSU) supports Diver Display and optional helmet-mounted. camera connection.
  • Safety First – All electrical connections are to the MudChaser™. A simple tug to disconnect the helmet-mounted Diver Display and the diver is free.  If a lanyard is used to retain the MudChaser™, release and again, the diver is free.

VSU Options

  • Helmet mic pre-amp for stronger, clearer diver voice sound (clearer signal at the surface).
  • Helmet camera connection(not shown). Allows the helmet cam to plug into the VSU and allow surface-switching between cameras.

Video Breakout Box

Provides for a simple, low-cost means to provide power and lighting control to the MudChaser™ while receive and distributing video.


  • Makes color video available for recording and other purposes and provides power to the camera, VSU, and lighting, and camera video switching.
  • Video/Camera Select switch allows selection between video sources – MudChaser™ or helmet cam.
  • BWV dive cable connection (23-pin mil spec connector)
  • (1) general purpose video input (BNC)
  • (3) video outputs
  • Variable lighting control
  • 7” displayCVS2 - 1569 - VBB Panel View XL


  • 9″ display
  • Audio comm’s pass-thru. [ Refer to the Video Capture System (VCS) for details.]


Hose Rack Cart & Booster Pump (Baseline Config)


  • Rack and Pump to be mounted on a 36″x72″ cart w/10” wheels (min). All hose will be kept within the footprint of the cart to ensure protection of the hose.
  • Crane liftable using standard lift points
  • Std Config: 200ft discharge hose and 30ft intake hose
  • Std Hose Rack capable of supporting 300ft of hose
  • 1hp booster pump. Big enough to handle up to 300ft of hose
  • Hose will be neutrally buoyant using flotation sleeves

NOTE: The cart to the right is under-sized.  All future carts will be sized to hold all hose within the foot print of the cart.  No hose will be exposed.


  • Intake pump – required when the water level is more than 3ft below the pump.
  • 5um x 100sf cartridge filter for large particle filtering
  • Longer hose available lengths in 100ft sections. Booster pump resized for total length longer than 300ft.
  • Fork lift pockets

The Scrubber™ Pumping/Filtration System

For customers who do not have a ready supply of clear water to pump to the MudChaser™ or do not want to sacrifice their potable water.

  • Easy to operate, high capacity, 4-stage, mobile filtration system removing particles from silt down to submicron at up to 30gpm.
  • Mobile 30″x72″ cart w/protection frame and crane lift provisions. All plumbing will be kept within the footprint of the cart.
  • 1/3hp (120Vac) Intake + 1.5hp(120/240Vac) main pumps. (Adjustment made if Intake pump ordered as part of the Hose Cart)
  • Electrical switch box control power to the 3 primary water pumps and 50ft power cord
  • Four pressure gauges and an output flow gauge to monitor performance of the system
  • Will take +500NTU water and filter it to <1NTU at flow rates up to 30gpm

CVS2 - 1542 - Scbr Rt View XL

Tutorial Videos

Diver Display 

Allows the diver to see what is being transmitted by the MudChaser™ in zero visibility water conditions. Both the surface Supervisor and the diver can/will see the same thing with the same clarity.


  • Monochrome(B&W), militarized solder system display modified to Blackwater Vision’s spec
  • Currently tested to 50ft. Will go deeper.
  • Multi-position bracket allows for infinite adjustment
  • Can be mounted for left or right eye operation
  • Strain relief to protect cable at the exit of the display (not shown here)
  • NTSC or PAL format.