Diver Display

Helmet/Mask Display

Currently, the underwater display can be mounted to either an Interspiro/AGA mask or a Kirby-Morgan 27/37/57 helmet. The ruggedized, high resolution B&W display gives the Diver the ability to see what he is “shooting” with the MudChaser™. The result is: regardless of turbidity conditions, the diver can now see, inspect and access the task at hand.

The Diver Display can be attached to either the Clearview System I or II.  Only on the Clearview System I will the diver have information (diver depth, water temp, dive time, digital compass, etc) be presented.  Because of the analog nature of the Clearview System II, this info is not available.

As shown here in the upper picture, the display is positioned ready for use.  The display bracket has 4 adjustments providing for a full range of viewing angles. The video feed from the MudChaser’s camera is transmitted directly to both the Diver’s Display and the DVR on the surface.

A new strain relief is being fitted to protect the cable at the exit of the display.  The strain relief will allow for mounting the display on either the left or right side of the helmet.  A picture will be posted once we get it in the field in actual use.

Diver Display Specifications

Parameter Value (SAE/Metric)
Length (overall) 3.25” / 8/25cm
Diameter 1.45” / 3.68cm
Weight 7.4oz / 210gm (dry)
Power Powered from the MudChaser’s VSU
Resolution 640x480(VGA equivalent) in NTSC mode
Video format NTSC monochrome/RS170 or PAL
Refresh rate (std) 60Hz

Diver Display Ready for Dive
Helmet/Mask Display