DVR – 1215

Portable, 2-Diver, 15″ Display Video Recorder

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The DVR-1215

… is an incredible, high-performance, 2-channel marine DVR capable of recording 5 different video formats, and audio, simultaneously.  It can be the center of a semi-custom video system or a drop-in replacement of a pre-existing legacy video system.  It has an intuitive GUI interface controlled from the panel buttons, the mouse, or the keyboard. To ensure maximum up-time reliability and flexibility, 3-way auto-switching power has been integrated. The DVR core has 2 USB ports for mouse, keyboard, or a thumb drive and two video output ports.

Great functionality at your finger tips!


High-Level Features

  • Diver Support: This family of DVRs will support/record 2-3 Divers simultaneously, each with their own audio channel:
    • 2-Diver: DVR-1215
    • 3-Diver: DVR-1315
  • Designed as part of a semi-customer video recording system or a drop-in replacement for a pre-existing, legacy video system.
  • Power Input: 3-Way auto-switching Power: 115Vac/60Hz, External 12V Battery, and Internal 12V battery for limited operations.  Internal battery voltmeter(Blue, 3½ digit display) and 3-LED charge mode status indicators.
  • DVR: A multi-channel, high-tech DVR core, with mouse, keyboard inputs, on-screen GUI, and typical finger button control interfaces and 2 USB I/O ports.
  • Panel speaker driven by a 4W audio amp
  • Lid compression cylinder to prevent lid from slamming closed
  • Display: 15” 1024x768dpi high resolution, 1000NIT brightness. Upgradable to 1600NIT w/auto-color saturation
  • Audio Pass-thru of the 4-wire communications to the Customer’s comm’s box.
  • Each dive channel:
    • Supports the BWV’s universal Dive cable, which includes Video power, video return, lighting power, 4-wire comm’s, and 2 discrete control lines
    • Will support legacy drop-in capability, such as Aux Lighting and control
    • Aux Audio input
    • Aux Video Input
    • Two(2) Clearview/MudChaser System functions: Camera Select and video Format Select
    • Audio Input controls for recording level adjustment and monitoring (10-segment display),
    • The Dive Channel On/Off switch.  This turns power on/off to the camera and lights.

More DVR Info…

  • DVR: Automatic record and file save features to ensure that no data recording is lost
  • DVR: USB I/O: (2) USB2.0 ports for mouse, keyboard, and thumb drive.
  • DVR Video Formats: Will auto capture/support 5/6 different video formats for legacy, present, and future camera selections including IP cameras:
    • SD 480@ 25/30fps
    • AHD 720p@25/30
    • AHD@1080p@25/30fps
    • HDTVi 720@25/30/50fps at 3/4/5MP
    • HDTVi 1080p@25/30fps at 3/4/5MP
    • IP – 2 ch up to 6MP resolution. RS-485 available for PTZ camera operation.  The digital control could be brought out through the Dive Cable connection.
    • Each channel can have a different type of camera. All will be simultaneously recorded.
    • To the right, is the display of 4 different video feeds into the DVR and shown on the main screen.
  • RS-485 available for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras.
  • DVR Outputs: CVBS NTSC/PAL video out, Audio out (all channels combined), and HDMI video ports
  • DVR Network: Network connections are available and can be brought out, if requested.
  • DVR Playback: Selected channels or all channels can play back simultaneously. Audio is played back through the 4W audio amp and panel speaker.
  • DVR File and Storage: Each video file is saved under the channel and time stamp. File storage on 256GB(basic) 2.5” HHD. Upgradeable to 500GB and 750GB, or anything up to 1TB.