DVR-2 Video System

DVR-2 Video System

The DVR-2 underwater video system is based on the DVR-1215, a transit case version DVR, supporting 2 divers, with a 15” monitor.  The list of features can be found at either in the diagram below or the complete list in the spec sheet at the end of the page.

The baseline DVR-2 Video System consists of the DVR-1215 [DVR-1215] a single-diver set-up of a 300ft dive cable, a high resolution camera, a high intensity dive lamp, and a short adapter cable.  The adapter cable provides flexible transition between clear water and black/turbid water operations.


The Dive Cable

The dive cable comes fitted with Blackwater Vision’s universal connector that plugs into any of the DVR/Breakout units. The cable supports:

  • Camera power – 16V
  • Video return (@1dB/100ft); will support SD, AHD(1080p), TVi(1080p).
  • Lighting power over 18ga wire. Typically, 0-14V or 0-1A for LED drive.
  • 4-wire communications (2 for microphone, 2 for headphone)
  • 2 separate lines for discrete MudChaser video control

At the DVR end is a 23-pin Mil-Spec gold pin right-angle connector that supports the functions above, digital communication, RS-485, Ethernet, and many other features.

At the diver end, is a 10-pin connection and a 4-wire communications whip.  The 10-pin connection allows for connection with the adapter cable or into the MudChaser™.  The 4-wire whip allows for connection to the helmet.  The integrated 4-wire comm’s may be used or not.   If the User prefers to use their own comm’s set-up, this whip would be tied back and not used.

The Camera

Any camera can/could be adapted of the customer’s choice, but the standard, selected camera is a high resolution 720p AHD.  It provides amazingly good resolution even when compared to a typical TVi camera.  The 720p is 720 TV lines compared to the typical 480 TV lines of standard definition (SD).  That’s a 50% improvement in resolution over the same cable and distance.


The Dive Light

As mundane as a dive lamp is, it’s actually trickier to integrate due to the various power demands.  The light we have available is a 1400lumen LED white light driven at 1Amp.  To achieve the 1A regardless of cable length, we’ve integrated a dedicated 0-1A current drive circuit controlled from the DVR panel.

2 light beams are available – broad flood or a narrower spot-ish beam.


The Adapter Cable

The diagram below helps to illustrate how the adapter cable is used to reconfigure the system.  The combination of dive cable and the adapter cable allows for a very flexible system that will handle both clear water environments and turbid, black water conditions via the Clearview System™.


With the Adapter cable…

With the adapter cable attached to the dive cable, a typical helmet-mounted, clear water video system is configured. 

Without the Adapter cable…

For semi-turbid and/or black water conditions, the MudChaser™ would plug directly onto the dive cable, without the adapter cable attached.  The helmet camera could/would then plug directly into the MudChaser™ (dedicated connector port).  This configuration allows for video operations to begin in semi-clear water conditions and using the helmet-mounted camera.  As conditions worsen, the video feed would be switched, on the DVR console, from the helmet camera to the MudChaser camera for black water operations and inspections.