DVR – Video Capture System 1

Real-time, color video and 2-channel audio capture

DVR – Video Capture System 1

The Video Capture System is a complete, self-contained, single-channel DVR that allows the Contractor to record in .mp4 digital format, maintain separate audio channels, display in real-time, manage files, and play back all from this simple, low-cost unit.


Video Capture System – 1

This Video and audio capture DVR is a self-contained, high-end DVR that meets the needs to the underwater contractor operating in the field.  A multi-purpose, video and audio capture DVR  from either the Clearview System cable connection OR from a general purpose AUX video input and dedicated diver and tender audio patched from the comm’s system.

High-level Features

  • Video and 2-channel audio recording in .mp4 format – records the diver’s video and both sides of the conversation separately. (9″ available as an upgrade)
  • 7″ display to show streaming video and to verify recorded video when played back
  • 5W audio amp and speaker for playback purposes
  • Easy-to-use standard DVR controls for recording and menu/file navigation
  • Very useful USB file ports and video and audio outputs connections to show on a “big screen”

A little more detail…

  • Single-channel, video capture system for either the BWV dive cable or general purpose audio/video capture.
  • Single channel video and 2-channel audio capture in .mp4 (H.264) compressed format
  • Standard 120GB Solid State drive holds more than 50hrs of video in the .mp4 format. Upgrades available to 500GB and 1TB.
  • Typical DVR controls: Record, play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind. See images for more detail.
  • 2-channel audio, captured along with the video. Records both sides of the dive conversation.   Also supports general purpose commercial dive communications via standard banana jacks and aux video input (BNC)
  • 7″ in-lid mounted, NTSC display, Optional: 9” display.  10” available as special order.
  • Lighting control for the MudChaser™. Additional connector can be added for general purpose lighting at no charge.
  • Video playback thru panel speaker and volume control
  • Provisions for integrated text overlay (future software release)
  • The standard BWV dive cable connection allows for drop-in replacement/Upgrade for the Video Breakout Box.
  • Outputs: (2) USB2.0 ports, (1) video out, L&R audio line out USB ports used for file management and external keyboard.
  • Dimensions: 15”W x 12-1/2”D x 6-3/4”H
  • Weight: 11.5lbs
  • Power: 120Vac/60Hz input, 240Vac/50Hz European power available at no additional cost.

VCS-1 Panel Functions

CVS2 - 1560 - VCS-1 Panel View XL CVS2 - VCS-1 Panel View DiverSection
CVS2 - VCS-1 Panel View Recorder Section CVS2 - VCS-1 Panel View - Pwr & IO Sections


Unit Function Specifications
Video Capture
Power Input North American: 120Vac/60Hz;
European:  240Vac/50Hz
Size 15”W x 12-1/2”D x 6-3/4”H
Weight Weight: 11.5lbs
Power ~75W
120Vac/60Hz input,
240Vac/50Hz European power available at no additional cost.
Panel Controls Power Switch w/built-in power indicator
No fuse.
Display 7″ LED monitor
Playback Audio 5W playback speaker and volume control
Panel Speaker 4”
Cable Connections Attached power cord