The MudChaserTM

the Zero Visibility Tool

MudChaser™ – MC106

The MudChaser™ Zero Visibility Tool™ is a patented device that allows divers to see in and through muddy/turbid water conditions using a simple, cost-effective technique for close-in work and inspections.


At the heart of the Clearview System™ is Blackwater Vision’s patented turbid, black water displacement hand-held device, the MudChaser™. With its integrated color camera and LED lighting, spectacular and vivid color imagery is transmitted back to the console operator and to the diver. Using a proprietary technique, the weightless MC106 efficiently displaces the turbid water conditions up to 15” (beyond arm’s reach), allowing the diver to view, inspect, and weld the target area up close and personal! With balance, simplicity, safety, and flexibility engineered into the design, Blackwater Vision, LLC brings to market a new, extraordinary, and unparalleled tool for the challenging black water work of the commercial diver.
CVS2 - 1592 - MC Rear Left View L


  • Handheld 6” diameter MudChaser™ with comfortable pistol grip allows the Diver and Tender/Supervisor to see, inspect, and work clearly in the most turbid water conditions.
  • Using a low-tech, highly reliable technique, the muddy, turbid water is displaced, allowing for easy single-handed operation.
  • Integrated composite video, color camera
  • Integrated surround Hi-Intensity 20-LED light ring.
  • Neutrally buoyant in water adds no additional work fatigue on the diver.
  • Standard unit Includes a connector port to connect the optional Diver Display
  • Integrated Video Switch Unit (VSU) supports Diver Display and optional helmet-mounted camera connection.

VSU Options

  • Helmet mic pre-amp for stronger, clearer diver voice sound (clearer signal at the surface).
  • Helmet camera connection. Allows the helmet cam to plug into the VSU and allow surface switching between cameras


  • Underwater Welding
  • Infrastructure Inspections/Surveys
  • Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Dry-Docking (UWILD)
  • Salvage and Recovery
  • Ship Inspections, Repair & Examinations
  • Search/Rescue Missions
  • Archeological Digs
  • Any Underwater Work in Black Water Conditions


MudChaser™ Features & Benefits



The MudChaser™ concept This patented device and technique allows construction or service providers a cost-effective solution to seeing clearly and working in the worst black water conditions at short ranges, and do what no synthetic process can do – see!
With the integrated camera A well designed, time-saving, consistent results approach ensures a very cost- and time-effective and highly reliable approach, to ensure great the video capture every time, inspect on-site at close range in real-time with no interpretation required of synthetic imagery.
Integrated high intensity LED lighting Makes for a lighter, more stream-lined, efficient design while putting surrounding light on the target area of interest allowing the diver is able to see his work more clearly and effectively.
Single Electrical connection for lighting and camera Allows for quick connect/disconnect for both the integrated color camera and the LED lighting when it’s ready to be used and go to work.
Rugged, simple, clever design Designed for quick assembly/disassembly, the MudChaser™ allows for ease of set-up, camera alignment, and maintenance. The rugged design permits it to be used in the harsh and hazardous environments of commercial diving, while the camera is safely housed within the MudChaser™.
Comfortable hand grip Rugged and durable, the handgrip is designed for secure, comfortable, and stable maneuvering of the MudChaser™ in all positions.
Rear end cap quick release Allows for easy access to the camera.
Flotation Jacket Capable of hold 10 flotation pads, the MudChaser buoyancy can be adjusted from a weight of 2.5lbs (no floatation) to slightly positive buoyancy relieving any burden on the diver.

MudChaser™ Features (without the Flotation Jacket)


Inlet Water Port 1” NPT Female (fitted w/male cam&groove)
Outlet Mouth Opening 6in
Flow rate range (operating) 20-25 gpm
Flow rate (max) 25 gpm
Range (useable) at 20gpm Up to 15in (reduced in cross-currents)
Weight, dry (w/camera and VSU) 11.5lbs / 19.8kg
Weight, wet (w/o flotation jacket) 2.2lbs / 4.8 kg
Weight, wet (w/ flotation jacket) 0 lbs / 0kg (Neutral buoyancy)
Length (in/cm) 15.5in / 39.5cm
Outer Diameter (in/cm) (std nozzle) 7.25in / 18.4cm
Color Yellow
Finish (Outer surface)  Epoxy coating

Video Camera

MudChaser™ Camera

Features Very Low Light Sensitivity
Focal Length: 5-15”
Depth Rating: 930ft / 300m
Mechanical Size: 1.6”(4.1cm) Diam x 7.3”(18.5cm)
Body Material: Black Delrin
Video/Electrical Video signal output: NTSC
Resolution: 600 horizontal lines
Sensitivity: 0.01lux