Products Overview

Products Overview




DVR – Video Capture System-1

Single-channel DVR, w/12″ daylight readable display,  2-channel audio, simple text overlay, display and playback, file management, video/audio distribution, and comm’s pass-thru comms for recording, and AC/DC power input. Keyboard included for text entry.

Baseline Video System consists of:

  1. Single-channel DVR w/12″ daylight readable 1000NIT display
  2. Dive cable w/integrated comm’s wiring
  3. Helmet light
  4. Helmet cable
  5. Quick release “Y” cable adapting the Clearview System II blackwater operations
Clearview System II

Clearview System II


Absolute minimum system configuration:

1. MC106 MudChaser w/integrated hi-res color camera and lighting.
2. Video Breakout Box – Power, display, and video distribution.
3. Hose cart w/200ft of hose + booster pump.
4. Electrical umbilical cable.

Clearview System II

Clearview System II – Complete System

– Diver Display
– Scrubber™
– Video Capture System-1

System Upgrades that give the Operator/Diver more capability and flexibility:

1. Diver Display – Allows diver to see what the MudChaser is shooting.
2. Scrubber – Controlled pumping/filtration system only needed if a source of clear water is not readily available.
3. VCS-1 – A single-channel DVR to capture video, 2-channel audio, text overlay, display, playback, file management.

Clearview System II

MudChaser™ MC106

Patented viewing device that creates a tunnel of clear water to displace the surrounding tubid water. Includes integrated color camera, high intensity light ring, firm handle grip and top-mounted Video Switch Box. The VSU incorporates video switching between the helmet and the MC106 cameras and lighting control.

The flotation jacket mounted on the top of the MudChaser makes it neutrally buoyant, thus significantly reducing the fatigue on the diver.

Clearview System II


(Sport/Mobile version)

The Scrubber is a 4-stage filtration and pumping system that takes non-biohazard water and removes 99.99% of all particulate material to make crystal clear water at up to 30gpm.

Stage 1 – Partical separator (>50um)
Stage 2 – 5um cartridge filter (washable, re-useable)
Stage 3 – 2um DE filter
Stage 4 – Flocculation (removes submicron particles)

Clearview System II

Diver Display

A water-proofed military display that plugs into the MudChaser-mounted VSU and allows the diver to see what the MudChaser is shooting. The video format is NTSC and the display is 640x480 (equiv) monochrome.

Clearview System II

Video Breakout Box (VBB)

A simple utility unit that provides power to the MudChaser, lighting control, 7″ display, aux video input, three(3) video outputs, video source selection switch, BWV-dive cable connection.

Clearview System II

Clearview System I


The original, legacy Clearview System I.  A total, turnkey, digital-based comm’s system providing digital communications, video capture, text overlay, command, control, and remote configuration of the diver’s system.  Tactical information , such as depth, dive time, digital compass, water temp, etc. could be presented on the diver’s display.  The diver also had control of the system for on-site.

Clearview System II