“Leading up to the open water dive where my students first used the Clearview System II, I was skeptical about how well it was actually going to perform in the murky water we dive in. As soon as the first diver found an object and pointed the camera at it, my skepticism vanished. No matter how badly we stirred up the mud, I was impressed at how clear the picture we got on the monitor. I was able to see for myself what the divers had located to verify 100% what it was. For inspections in low visibility conditions, this system would not only give the diver, but anyone else on topside looking at the monitor a detailed look any problem areas needing attention. With the ability to record the feed from the camera, a video can be taken so the customer can take it and review it at their leisure to plan repairs and service.”

“Over a 2 day period, my students put this system through a rigorous field test.  Minor problems developed, but Dave and his team began immediately making plans to correct those problems.  They also tool suggestions for improvements by me and my students based off what they experienced and what I was seeing into consideration and came up with ideas on the spot to make changes if possible.  We had no major fails of the system itself.  It is structurally sound and durable.”

Gary Tiedt, Sr. Dive Instructor

Ocean Corp, Houston, TX, Feb 2017

“The MudChaser [system] provided a clear image of something I could only identify by touch before.  It also helps the diver see where he/she should be holding the camera for top-side to get a view of what is being inspected.”

Mike Jezek

Student Diver, Ocean Corp, Houston, TX, Feb. 2017

“Being able to get clear visuals in dive operations and inspections is important.  The MudChaser did an excellent job of giving both the diver (myself) and topside the needed imagery. Overall, the Clearview System gives the dive industry advantages when there is little to no visibility.  Positive evaluation. Overall –  good system.”

Trevor Kelsay

Student Diver, Ocean Corp, Houston, TX, Feb. 2017

“This will help the diver discover what he has found in zero vis and see it through the [display] that attached to the Kirby.”

Edwin Hernandez

Student Diver, Ocean Corp, Houston, TX, Feb. 2017

“Great advantage for underwater visuals in common zero visibility.”

Nathan Clements

Student Diver, Ocean Corp, Houston, TX, Feb. 2017

“The system is perfect for underwater inspection. I ran the dives and could not only see the o-ring gap, but also read the flange ID and R-series.  This system makes any zero visibility diving possible.”

Jerry Shepherd, Sr. Dive Instructor

SCLTC Young Memorial Dive School, Sept 2015

“Overall, the MudChaser worked well in the zero visibility conditions.  I was able to inspect flanges and verify that the o-ring was in place, along with the ability to read underwater.  It did work well for inspection work.”

Jacob McCarthy

Student Diver, SCLTC Dive School, Sept 2015

“Had roughly 4-6” of visibility at the surface and 1-2” [on site]. Inspected 2” pipeline and flange assembly.  Able to clearly see the flanges, piping, o-rings, and [flange] letters and numbers on pipe.  Made a large difference in being able to inspect the pipeline.”

W. Andrew Hair

Student Diver, SCLTC Young Memorial Dive School, Sept 2015